Doug Hahn


Aligned speech & PR for Bently Heritage


  • Writing
  • Speech Writing
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • PR


By unifying a variety of writing projects toward a common goal, I was able to help a company build goodwill and achieve long-term goals.

Launching a national brand

In close collaboration with the COO, marketing director, art director, external PR agencies, and construction firms, I played a central role in crafting executive speeches, designing key talking points for press releases, and shaping media narratives for the grand unveiling of a major real estate development project for Bently Heritage.

By placing a special emphasis on the preservation of historic buildings, we were able to generate positive media engagement and public sentiment, solidifying our position as an institution that deeply valued its historical roots while also being a catalyst for local economic growth.


This sample is taken from the distillery’s groundbreaking ceremony. The goal was to get stakeholders on the client’s side.

What I want is a product that this community loves; this product is about you. You should be able to buy it without breaking the bank. We will be a high quality product, but still something you enjoy on your porch with the people you care about. The next time I’m in Minden Park enjoying the best Eagle’s cover bands I’ve ever heard, I’d like our product to be enjoyed nearby as well.
If Minden doesn’t love what we’re creating, I’ll toss it out and make something better. And once we’ve refined our product with pride, I want to remind the world that great things start in Minden. The bottles you see here are preliminary designs we’re testing. We’re looking for a design that fits many traits, not the least being recognizable and memorable. Regardless of the final design, each bottle will tell the world that it was made in Minden and a brief story of this town.
That’s a huge challenge. Thousands—and hopefully, millions—of people will hear about this town from one product’s label, a product made in a town of many businesses and values. We accept that challenge.
This is a battle-born state, and as someone who has lived in over a dozen states, I consider Nevada a beacon of pride and defiance. This community is my first client, and what we build, we’re building with you in mind.