Doug Hahn


Authored tenant handbooks for $300MM of global properties


  • Stakeholder Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Editing
  • Facilitation
  • Research
  • Collaboration


Tenant handbooks for $300M worth of jewelbox commercial and residential properties int he Bay Area.

Tenant handbooks for jewelbox properties

Cross-collaborating with building engineers, property managers, legal, and other key stakeholders, I authored, published, and maintained tenant handbooks for significant properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. These assets, about $300MM, were a significant portion of the company’s portfolio. Tenant handbooks were written for:

  1. The Bently Reserve
  2. Belvedere Place
  3. Bently Nob Hill
  4. 240 Stockton Street

These documents covered local amenities; policies and procedures for elevator usage, hazardous material, insurance requirements, moving, maintenance, subtenants, and more; security, key policy, and access control; emergency policies and commercial tenant responsibilities, life safety systems; and amenities such as bicycle policy, e-waste recycling, and environmental safety measures.