Doug Hahn


Architected SEM strategy to drive KPIs in a tough marketplace


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  • Bidding
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Teaching


Restructured SEM campaigns leveraging themes and focused targeting that drove conversions, with a $5k per month spend.

Maximizing value in a competitive market

I maximized $5k/month SEM (search engine marketing) spend targeting key segments. Utilizing focused strategies like single keyword campaigns, I built an organized strategy that allowed us to pivot quickly, and deploy new campaigns efficiently. We successfully met crucial KPI’s (key performance indicators) like click through rates, phone calls, form conversions, and top-of-page ranks.

Impressions and interactions; line jumped up when we iterated these campaigns
Impressions and interactions; line jumped up when we iterated these campaigns

The primary objectives of the SEM strategy were to:

  1. Prioritize quality over quantity in conversions
  2. Achieve top-of-page ranking against competitors
  3. Design and manage distinct seasonal campaigns aligned with content and event calendars
  4. Uphold the existing general campaign for the brand
  5. Develop reporting mechanisms (e.g., Google Forwarding with the Call Extension)
  6. Synchronize AdWords with other social media efforts
  7. Provide regular updates and liaise with the marketing team on a biweekly basis
  8. Establish a campaign taxonomy to iterate and scale efficiently.

In addition to my core responsibilities, I extended my expertise to other stakeholders, helping them understand core concepts such as the various kinds of CPC (maximum cost, average, actual). We also set up up automated reports based on clients specifications, and provided them with the necessary tools to budget appropriately.

Thanks to a well-organized campaign taxonomy and focused strategies, we were able to adjust budget and goals as the client saw fit.