Doug Hahn


Implemented a storytelling website that captures history & green tech


  • Frontend
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Facilitation
  • Project Management


A storytelling website that used parallax and interactivity to tell the history of a LEED Platinum building.

Past meets future

I collaborated with principal architects and stakeholders to build a storytelling website flaunting advanced features such as geothermal heating, solar energy, and historic preservation efforts. Partnering with designers, we built interactions that highlighted these technologies using subtle parallax effects and simple but effective interactivity. One thing the whole team agreed on: less is more.

The interactive slider on the home page of the site dramatizes the message

Our design team deliberately chose a retro-modern font to encapsulate the building’s fusion of historic and contemporary elements. Additionally, we placed the project in context by integrating pertinent local history, further enhancing the storytelling aspect of the website.

Subtle parallax with airy content and attention to detail.

Ultimately, this is one of my favorite designs as it embodies a truly green buildout that respects history and community. As a developer, I enjoy animations and parallax effects when they are done subtly and appropriately match the needs of the content.

Farmers Bank