Doug Hahn


Collaboratively launched a biofuels startup


  • User Research
  • Strategy
  • Product Marketing
  • Editing
  • Facilitation


Unifying content strategy based on research and analytics, with a core strategy statement that had everyone’s buy-in.

Building a biofuels brand

I collaborated with the founders, senior leadership, and key stakeholders to distill research and vision into a core strategy statement that helped guide cross-functional teams. By effectively presenting these findings to the team, I was able to help leadership establish a shared vision and a strategy that steered the team through the entirety of the busines’s life cycle.

Biofuels core strategy statement graphic
Biofuels core strategy statement graphic

In addition, I acquired buy-in and led a content audit with SME’s to identify weak points and target high-value items that drove value in the short term. This audit was bolstered with insights gleaned from Google Analytics and market research. Our output included a content calendar and new governance policies.

Biofuels content audit overview
Biofuels content audit overview

Finally, I organized PDD (page description diagram) workshops to prioritize user needs while focusing on taxonomy. This put design decisions where they belonged: in the hands of the web and UX professional.

Biofuels PDD for a collection web page
Biofuels PDD for a collection web page

Moving forward with Confidence

This strategy deck got sign-off from all stakeholders, and was leveraged throughout the business’s lifecycle to help cross-functional teams find their north star.