Doug Hahn


Built a brand book for a premier venue


  • Research
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Facilitation


Brand book with colors, logo usage, type system, and copy/photo style guide guiding internal use and third parties.

A brand book for the Bently Reserve

We created a scalable, visual style guide for the Bently Reserve and event space. The project was driven by both internal needs as well as third parties and PR agencies needing accessible style rules and logo assets.

A sample from the Bently Reserve brand book
A sample from the Bently Reserve brand book

To create an effective style guide I helped achieve internal consensus on key issues, such as brand name and voice (which had been in contention in recent years). I facilitated meetings with key leaders and conducted polls to understand they key issues and propose a vision everyone could agree upon.

Document Sample

Below is a sample of the book.


We empower innovative and sophisticated experiences by setting the stage for perfectly executed meetings, once-in-a-lifetime events, and unforgettable weddings.
The Bently Reserve is an icon of classic sophistication at the forefront of sustainable event practices. Our majestic space is managed by a polished and dynamic team who ensures all of our clients’ experiences are authentic to their vision and run flawlessly. Our goal is to provide a venue that constantly refines both new and established tradition, to provide a space for truly unforgettable events, and to always be there for our clients.

The book was used
The book was used

Used for Years to Come

This document helped the internal design team and became the foundation for the company’s marketing search engine campaigns, guiding the brand’s digital presence for years to come.