Doug Hahn


Created developer docs that streamlined onboarding


  • Technical Writing
  • Static Generators (Sphinx)
  • Requirements Definition
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Process Mapping


A searchable website deployed on a private server helping SaaS app developers get up and running with a sanitized database.

Self-guided onboarding

I streamlined the onboarding processes for SaaS developers by implementing virtualized, sanitized environments. Collaborating with senior engineers, we drafted and published workflows and built automated scripts to bootstrap and sanitize information using Vagrant, a tool for working with virtual machines. This allowed developers to work on applications using highly sensitive data such as HR and compliance.

This resulted in significant improvements in the onboarding process. I wrote and maintained the site using Sphinx technical documentation software and the Read the Docs theme.

Sample of the documentation site
Sample of the documentation site