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Published a new Wikipedia entry for a Bay Area artist


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A Wikipedia page for an artist from the San Francisco bay Area, commissioned by his family and approved by the arts community editors with secondary source research from reliable sources.

The Legacy of Paul Beattie

I was hired to build a Wikipedia page for Bay Area artist Paul Beattie on the recommendation of an old client, as I had successfully navigated the difficult process of building new Wikipedia entries in the past. In order to ensure the article would be approved by the community, I worked with the family as well as researched the artist's work, focusing on secondary sources.

While the family had ample primary sources, I knew that as a researcher and editor I must avoid synthesizing the bias of primary sources, such as material belonging the artist’s daughters, into the entry. I also wanted to establish the notability of the subject. Along the way I explained this to the stakeholders, teaching them about Wikipedia's policies and conventions.

All told, I was able to provide 33 sources for the article, which was submitted and approved by the editorial volunteers.

[](Paul Beattie)