Doug Hahn


Developed kiosks that earned LEED credits for construction projects


  • Frontend
  • CSS
  • JS
  • Wireframing
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Interviewing


LEED kiosks that provided USGBC green credits for education components of the project, and were enjoyed by tourist visitors to the buildings.

Showing off history, design, & tech

I served as the lead developer on the kiosks for several high-profile buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area and Tahoe region.

A sample of one of the kiosks in action, running on a development server

As the primary writer, I was tasked with researching building technologies, interviewing engineers and architects to translate their technical know-how to copy for the casual reader.

To achieve this I worked closely with stakeholders, including executives, to understand their needs. I then created a map of the content in order to understand the architecture of the kiosks.

An example map from the Farmers Bank Kiosk
An example map from the Farmers Bank Kiosk

When ready for handoff to design and UX, I organized Page Description Diagrams based on stakeholder needs as a deliverable for designers. One important discovery was that we needed to prioritize navigation, as we believed users would need to navigate quickly to their points of interest in a nonlinear fashion. This was reflected in the PDDs:

A sample Page Description Diagram from a kiosk
A sample Page Description Diagram from a kiosk

The kiosks helped the buildings earn LEED credits; each of them earned LEED Silver CI certification. You can still find them in the Reserve, Farmers Bank, and the Distillery.