Doug Hahn


Planned divestment: 200% return on income through collaboration


  • Schedule Development
  • Budgeting
  • Data Visualization
  • Collaboration
  • Roadmapping
  • Motivation
  • Smartsheet


The company realized a 200% return on income in ¼ time frame.

Optimizing Decisions Over a Year-Long Closure

I worked in close collaboration with various leaders to determine scope, timeline, and milestones for a divestment project that would occur over the course of three months, 6 months, or a year. Our aim was to close a plant safely while maximizing return on income within the shortest possible time frame.

Gantt chart & work breakdown structure
Gantt chart & work breakdown structure

To achieve this, I worked closely with subject matter experts to understand the scope of the project and milestones. As this was a distillery certain pieces of equipment needed leads and lags to be properly shut down and cleaned.

After creating detailed timelines for all three scenarios, I implemented a Smartsheet that automated budget calculations based on a variety of salary load outs. I created this system with 100% customizable workforce load-outs that company leaders could use easily. This meant leaders could populate roles on the sheets to estimate costs. This fostered collaboration and allowed us to forecast finances and make informed decisions. We saved the company on labor costs while giving them peace of mind that the closure could be achieved safely and within constraints.

A scenario load out with a pick list for staff
A scenario load out with a pick list for staff

Collaboration with Modern Tools

By using modern, collaborative, and user-friendly project tools I helped company leaders make value-driven decisions during a challenging closure phase. As a result, the plant successfully transitioned and realized a 200% return on income in one quarter of the initially anticipated time frame. While this project was financial success, it also demonstrates the power of effective collaboration and strategic decision-making.