Doug Hahn


Built a SaaS app that kept sales data accurate


  • Project Management
  • Requirements Definition
  • Wire framing
  • Flow Diagramming
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Task Management
  • Quality Control


Manage 700+ locations for nationwide brand, building in ease of use such as automatic segmented data for sales team to manage workload.

Maintaining precision with the sales crew

The Bently Heritage Distillery website’s store locator was a key critical component of the website, but its data wasn’t being maintained to the quality needed. We determined that the sales team needed a new process to make remediation easier.

To understand the problem, I met with the national sales team of 22 people and heard them out, learning about their their processes so that we could build a solution that would integrate smoothly into their existing workflows. We knew data remediation might be part of this work, which is a task no one wants to do, so my tactic here was to acquire buy-in on the need for this work, demonstrating how it would help their sales numbers with the backing of the sales manager. An important output of this meeting was getting a general understanding of their data flow, which was passed to the engineering team.

As project manager I worked with the sales team to define requirements, managed the schedule with a team of two engineers and an IT manager, and interfaced with sales to build an app they would actually use.

The end result was an app that takes data from either the Vermont Information Processing or in-house spreadsheets, normalizes it, and then updates automatically on the website. The app allowed users to edit the data manually to correct errors, increasing its relevance to the end user.

A simple but effective data flow diagram
A simple but effective data flow diagram

The application automated many of the processes, and segmented the sales team’s work by region so they could remediate data.

A VIP spreadsheet sample
A VIP spreadsheet sample
The store locator’s home page, filtered by SKU and location
The store locator’s home page, filtered by SKU and location

Quality Control

As a final phase of the project, we partnered with the sales team to set up a cadence for data imports, quality control procedures, and curated a backlog of features to add throughout the software development lifecycle.